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On several occasions, we have coaches talk to us about our training methods. They want to train with the intensity and attention to detail as we do.

I spoke to a young coach at a tournament, and he shared he liked our training videos and play level. He asked questions about our practices and drills. I loved the coach's desire to learn and be the best coach he could be.

As we continued to talk, I felt the need to say to him, "resist the urge to copy us exactly, or you will fail." He asked, "what do you mean; it works for you?" "Yes, it works for us, but that's our culture. It's my personality and belief reflected in our training. If you copy us, you will fail," I said.

"I lost you, " the young coach replied.

I said, "look at a soda in your hand. It has the ingredients listed on the label, but no one can duplicate that drink and be successful. You need to mix the ingredients just right so it tastes good to people. It's the same way with our training. You've got to take the basic ingredients and mix them just right so you create something unique to you."

NU Breed never claims to be the only way to train people to be good at volleyball. There are many ways to teach volleyball. We believe the way we do it is the best but not the only way. It works for us.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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