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NU Breed Inspired A Nation To Dream Again

I recently watched the movie "Miracle On Ice." The film is about the USA Olympic team beating the Soviet Union hockey team at the Olympics. The Soviet Olympic Hockey teams had dominated the Olympic sport for decades.

Al Michaels, the announcer, at the end of the game, says the iconic phrase, "do you believe in miracles?" Herb Brooks, the teams' coach, trained a group of college athletes to believe that this was their moment of glory. To believe in miracles.

I believe that win inspired us as Americans to dream again. That miracles do happen.

What does that have to do with NU Breed volleyball?

I believe that when our story is told in the future, historians will say, NU Breed families taught us to dream again. 

Our story will be told of how we stepped into the moment that changed everything. We took action and unleashed a movement of dreamers and visionaries.

The NU Breed families took the risk and refused to sit on our dreams. 

Historians will say, in 2020, during a pandemic and political chaos, NU Breed taught us to dream again.

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