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NU Breed In 3021

NU Breed the rumor of something good for the next 1000 years.

Recently I was asked about where I see NU Breed in five or ten years? It is such a good question. After some thought, I concluded that that was too short of a time to think about.

At NU Breed, we want to think in terms of 1000 years. What value will NU Breed Volleyball add to the sport and to those who play for NU Breed?

Three questions will drive our planning process, What kind of future do we want for NU Breed?  How do we get there? How do we build a club so timeless that it will hold value 1000 years from today?

Yes, we want to build something of value for a generation that does not exist. That's the origin of the NU Breed. We created a club for athletes that we did not have, and now we must carry that same pattern as we plan for the future.

As we plan for the next thousand years, we want to build something that has value. We know that today's choices will create the future, so we want to be wise. A 1000 years from now, we want to be proud of what NU Breed offers to athletes.

We want to create value now that we grow in value each year for 1000 years.

Yes, NU Breed wants to be the rumor of something good for 1000 years that follow.

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