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New Stories, Better People, Better Volleyball

Last night I had a parent tell me how much their VolleyTot and 12-year old athletes have improved in one week. Their daughters would not be the same athletes at seasons end, I told them. 

Coach Trigger and Coach Jazmin are excellent coaches and work hard to help their daughters become better at volleyball.

Another parent told me that their daughter is becoming a different person. She feels she belongs. She enjoys attending practice, even though they are challenging, she said.

These are some of the NU Breed stories we hear, and I wanted to share them because we have great athletes, parents, and coaches.

But also because stories are important in life.

Anyone can teach volleyball skills, but at NU Breed, we build better people.

Everyone comes in with a story. That story is one told from childhood. The story athlete tells themselves to become the limits of their life.

Everything we do and do not do is consistent with the story we tell ourselves. The question is, what story has the athlete rehearsed in their minds about themselves. These self-stories are powerful. They can help or hurt us.

Recently, Bright House Energy Construction installed a solar system at my house. As part of the system, they installed a breaker circuit breaker. It's required by law to protect electronics and people if there is a power surge into the home. The breaker shuts down everything in the house.

The story works in the same way. It will shut down any good change wanting in your life. It will take you back to the account you tell yourself. Once again, everything you do or don't do fights to remain consistent with your story.

At NU Breed, we help people become better storytellers to be good at volleyball. We help them identify the story they tell themselves and then assist them in making a plan to change their limiting tale. We help them write a new story that allows them to change.

Anyone can teach volleyball skills, but at NU Breed Volleyball, we change people. The secret to change is to tell better stories.

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