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Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Hello, NU Breed Tribe, here is the latest news from SCVA about the 20/21 club season. We will post the revised tournament season schedule when it is published.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we look forward to an excellent season, in light of the challenges.

July 22, 2020

Dear Club Directors, Officials, and Coaches,

The SCVA continues to wish all of our clubs, officials, and families the best during this chaotic and stressful time.  We hope that all of our members are safe and healthy.  All of us realize the hardships that the clubs and officials are facing with the cancellations that occurred last season, and now the uncertainty of resuming business for the new upcoming season.  In addition, all of us are having to navigate around new high school seasons with new sanctioned starting dates and Sunday association issues.   As a result, the SCVA is releasing new tryout dates and modified schedules with the hopes of being able to host some type of 2020-2021 season for both junior girls and junior boys. 

Tryouts:  Junior Boys Tryouts will open on September 12th for all age divisions Junior Girls Tryouts will open September 26th for all age divisions Commitment Dates: Junior Boys Commitment Date will be September 15th for all age divisions Junior Girls Commitment Date will be September 22nd for all age divisions

Date of First Practice:

All age divisions, for both junior boys and junior girls, may begin practices after their commitment date.

The new schedules should be emailed out next week.  A few of the modifications are:

1. The high school-aged boys will begin in October in hopes of having more success to host an event in October rather than September.

2. The high school-aged girls will begin the season in October.

3. The younger aged girls will begin their season in either November or December

4. The high school-aged junior girls will take off a month (mid-December through mid-January)

5. The cancellation of the Junior Boys Invitational in January

6. The creation of “Friendship” tournaments for the junior boys in January, February, and March for those clubs/teams that wish to continue to play during the high school season.

7. The possibility of the addition of the Junior Boys Invitational to the Red Rock Rave 2 in April in Las Vegas so that the event does not conflict with the high school season.

Finally, it is with a heavy heart that we must share that the SCVA staff is being furloughed for the month of August, and as a result, the SCVA offices will be closed for the month as well.  We all truly hope to see all of our clubs, club directors, officials, coaches, and athletes when we return.   Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Shannon Davenport, SCVA Operations Director

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