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NEW!! RePlay -RePay Program

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Youth sports are moving toward pay to play model that places an extra burden on families. Youth from lower-income families are likely to quit playing due to cost. Only one in three children get enough physical exercise. NU breed is taking steps to change this reality. We believe youth should have an opportunity to play, and cost should not be a barrier.

NU Breed is excited to announce our new RePlay and RePay Programs. The RePlay Program will receive gently used volleyball shoes and knee pads. Athletes can pick the gear they need at no cost.

The RePay Program is for people who have been on the receiving end of someone's goodwill and want to RePay that kindness. This program will allow you to buy shoes or knee pads online and have them sent directly to NU Breed for distribution. The details of how to do this will be available online soon.

We want to encourage service groups, faith communities, fraternities, and sororities to make this one of their projects. You can make a positive impact in the life of our youth.

Thank you to those who believe that every young person should experience the dynamics sports bring. Contact us for more information at or call NU Breed Director, Job Lara at (562) 413-3444.

Please send your gently used volleyball shoes or knee pads to:

NU Breed Volleyball

320 E. Alameda Street

Lindsay, CA 93247

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