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Dear Club Directors,

Some of you may have received direct contact by a representative of SportsEngine (SE). USA Volleyball is partnering with SportsEngine for a new member management system, and as part of getting ready for next season, SE is reaching out directly to members of Southern California Volleyball Association (SCVA) to set up a free HQ account with them.

As membership does not expire until October 31, 2020, there is no immediate reason to move forward with this membership account at this time. Please see the attached flowchart to see the requirements put into place for membership. Based on the fact that regardless of going directly through SportsEngine or through other means, the account still has to be created and accessed by individual members in SportsEngine in the final portion of the flowchart, the SCVA realizes that this is the best option for creating memberships in the 2020/2021 season. Please note that the “3rd party” being referred to in the flow chart is tournament event done through AES and other online event databases used throughout the various regions in which rosters need to be created with verified memberships.

We are encouraging all of our clubs and members to read the SportsEngine Privacy Policy and be aware of SportsEngine’s terms and conditions. The contract with SportsEngine is between USAV and SportsEngine, and, while the SCVA as a region is required to adhere to the new membership requirements, we are not signees on the contract and cannot review this documentation.

We have been made aware by other regions and clubs that once you set up your account (referred to as HQ by SportsEngine), within minutes SportsEngine will begin soliciting clubs for additional services. These services are under the Sport Engine Privacy Policy. There are extra fees for these services. These services are not required. We have heard that they are very persistent. If this becomes an issue please notify the SCVA. It is also recommended that you “Opt-out”, so your data is not sold to other companies. Please look for directions on how to do this as the implantation of the new database gets closer.

SportsEngine does not represent the SCVA Region in any capacity and cannot comment or advise clubs or members on region policy.

More information will follow. If you have any questions please contact the SCVA at See attached for Privacy Policies both from USAV and SportsEngine/NBC.


Karynn Darsey

SCVA Registrar

714-917-3595 ext 3510

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

Complete forms and information will be posted in our Forms section of our website.

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