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My Daughter Has Gained Weight

Today's youth are prone to emotional anxiety because life doesn't fit their perfect life.

Our daughters today are growing up with social media, which only presents a distorted view of life. The selfies and postings are not real life but highlights. The good parts of life.

Our daughters begin to view life from that filter, and when life is different, they struggle. Depression and overeating, and other long-lasting emotional issues emerge.

The danger of measuring their self worth from external factors leads to a lack of confidence. Our daughters have trouble seeing their strengths and abilities. Experts see patterns of insecurity and unhealthy coping skills.

A concerned parent was telling me about the changes she sees in her daughter. A smart and sports active daughter had become moody and anxious. Her daughter wears clothes, two sizes larger, which adds more stress.

My suggestion was to a healthier coping skill for social media. Have her join a sports team or give private lessons at a park. Get her socially and physically active but take health precautions. Have her start a hiking club or walking group.

Warning. Telling a teenager to stay off social media doesn't help them. It could make matters worse. Offer options to regain some normalcy through healthier coping skills.

I believe NU Breed Volleyball is a healthy option to help young girls deal with stress. We provide a safe place for social connections. The girls build their confidence through meaningful challenges. We keep them active, and they burn calories to help with cardio and weight gain.

NU Breed Volleyball is here to help young girls become the healthiest version of themselves.

Please share this with others looking to help their daughter cope with life in a safe, healthy, and fun way.

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