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Mindset Update

NU Breed University will produce some training material to help coaches and athletes become their best version of themselves.

It begins with mindset. We will look at the mentality of a winner. What separates winners from others is a solid inner structure.

Winners are comfortable with who they are. The traffic of training or outside events will not upset their inner world.

A winner is willing to try something new or different. They are ready to be uncomfortable and look awkward to get better. They know the value of expanding their mind, training, and skills.

Losers let ego and the fear of looking bad in front of others limit their growth. They want to look good rather than be great.

A NU Breed truth is, "it will look ugly before its looks good." So be willing to train ugly, so you get better at volleyball.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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