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Meet Our NU Breed Coaches 20/21

Please help us continue to grow our NU Breed family. We have a few spots open on some of our teams. We have some excellent coaches who are eager to help athletes get better.

Coach Trigger Lopez will train the VolleyTots, a former player on my first club team in the valley. Coach Job will assist in the training.

The Lead Coach for the 12's team is Jasmin Chavez. An experienced athlete and knowledgeable about the game. Assisting her are Coach Job and Coach Maria. I saw her first practice, and she has a coach's heart and mentality. She is an excellent communicator.

Here is a quote from one of our newest but experienced coaches I received last night.

"I'm so excited to start coaching again! Thank you so much." Coach Jessica

She will be coaching with Coach Brandy; both have coaching and the collegiate experience. I'm excited about the 14's athletes on their team who will get some high-caliber coaching from this coaching duo.

Maria Dawodu returns to coach duties as our 16's head coach after a year off to give birth to a beautiful daughter. Her wealth of coaching experience on the fundamentals is unmatched. She has had success in developing players.

Hailey Tsuboi and Michael Crater return as our 16's Coaches. They work well together and build skilled, disciplined, and confident athletes. They are well versed in technique and fundamentals that create competitive and competent athletes.

Coach Job and Coach Angel Leon will be in charge of turning the 18's into technically sound, disciplined, mentally tough, and fierce competitors. We make every second and movement count in practice. We work extremely hard, but we have fun.

Janá is a coach for all the teams and an administrator who does an excellent job with registration and communication. Everything that happens with NU Breed has her handprint on it.

Thank you to parents for your trust in us to help teach your daughters the sport of volleyball. You are all amazingly supportive. We will work hard to give your daughter the best club experience we can.

Yes, at NU Breed, we train differently to create battle-ready athletes.

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