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Meet Asia Martin

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

NU Breed wants to create a community that is fully alive by helping people discover their uniqueness through the sport of volleyball. We want to listen to their stories and see the fingerprints of God on their life and listen for movements of growth.

Jana': What are somethings you have learned this year?

Asia: I've learned not to give up on yourself because that means you are giving up on your team. Also, to always go for everything and to keep pushing.

Jana': Why did you choose to play for NU Breed?

Asia: At my other club, I wasn't pushed, and I stayed at the same level. I liked to be pushed to my limit. Here at NU Breed, all the coaches push you. Not because they want to wear you out but to be a better player.

Jana': What is something you're excited about this year?

Asia: I'm excited to see how well I progressed as a player and just the journey that I've had this year. Also, to see how well my team


Jana': What's been the hardest part so far?

Asia: My mental state. Most of the time, when I say, "I'm tired, I can't get it," I wanna give up. Until now, I realize I have to give my all, and I have to push myself to get better

Jana': What's your highlight of the year?

Asia: At my first tournament, I went up to hit, and I got a kill. I felt like I was flying. Also, I enjoy it when anyone gets a kill because we all come together and cheer for each other.

Jana': What do you want the world to know?

Asia: Come to NU Breed because its the spot!

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