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Meet Amber DeLussa

Jana'-So you are a NU Breed OG, why did you come back for year 2?

Amber-I came back for year 2 because I became a better player, and I knew if I stuck around, I would get 10x better. It also made me a better teammate to my team because I know that I can push them now and even myself, and it makes us all better players and teammates.

Jana'-What makes NU Breed different than other clubs?

Amber-NU Breed is different from other clubs because they don’t let you fail; even if you mess up, your going to do it 5 or even 10 more times back to back until you get it right (I learned that from diving ). They push you past what you think you limit is and show you that you can do so much more than you think.

Jana'-What’s your favorite part about this year so far?

Amber-My favorite part about this year, THE TEAMMMM OBVIOUSLY everyone on the team pushes you and encourages you on and off the court. I’ve learned how to be a better player from playing with them.

Jana'-What are some things that you will take with you when you graduate from high school that NU Breed has taught you?

Amber- Something I will take from NU Breed after I graduate high school is that I do not have any limits. Even if I think I can’t do anything I can do it, I just have to work that much harder to get where I want to be.

Jana'-If someone would ask you why they should play for NU Breed, what would you say?

Amber- If and when someone asks me why? Or if they should play for NU Breed? I tell them that if they want to be a better player and get pushed past there limits to be the best player they can be? Then they should definitely join because it will teach them things you can use in and out of volleyball. You’ll learn lessons that you would’ve never thought a volleyball club would show you.

Jana'-Is your favorite word still ‘can’t’?

Amber-CANT Isn't my favorite word anymore because I’ll probably get a volleyball thrown at me now lol. I can’t even say that I can’t do anything anymore because we all know I can. I just have to push myself harder to do it.

Jana'-Am I your favorite? Lol jk, I already know the answer to this.

Amber-Shhhh that stays between us Jana 🤫

Jana'-Anything else you want to say about NU Breed?

Amber-When I started NU Breed, I basically started fresh. I was never pushed to my limits before. Or even corrected that much, so when I got to NU Breed, everything was so new to me. I learned that the little things matter in everything from passing to hitting, and it takes work to get it right, but you’ll always be told that you can do it and what you can fix to make your passes or hits so much better. I remember I felt like I was going to die at my first NU Breed practice, and now that I look at it, it was basically nothing. Now I can do so much more because now I know I can. So it does take time, but every year I’ll be a better player and person. I miss everyone, and I actually kinda miss Coach Job yelling at us. Coach Job still doesn’t know my name right, but it’s okay; we’ll get there one day. I’m just glad that Alyssa told me to play for NU Breed because I’ve met many great people, and it’s like a second home now.

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