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Master The Game of Volleyball

As we go on indoor lockdown, NU Breed has some outdoor Private Training opportunities.

NU Breed breaks down the fundamentals of each skill attacking, setting, serving, blocking, and passing to grow an athlete's confidence. Confidence is like money, hard to earn, and easy to lose.

An athlete needs a strong mental ability to reach their highest potential. NU Breed gives athletes tools to play at a prime level at will.

Learn the difference between and Practice and a Competitive mindset. Applying the correct mindset is essential to an athlete's success.

There is no substitute for private training. It can make all the difference in an athlete's development. 

Join the growing list of athletes who continue to be helped by NU Breed Training.

Elevate your game during the closure period. Sessions fill up fast, so contact Janá (562) 413-


What our parents and athletes are saying about the training.

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