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Maddy, Sit Down! You Don't Want It

Maddy Gates, a former player, shared her story of becoming a mentally tough athlete with the 18's team.

She said that it was the difference between her competing and her noticeable season of growth. She also began to enjoy the sport of volleyball more.

The hinge moment in her story began in Reno at the Far Western National Qualifier. College coaches let her know they would watch her play. They attended the match. However, she didn't play to the standard we expect at NU Breed. So I pulled her from the court.

We discussed the events, and she told the team I said, "Maddy, you don't want it bad enough." I was not going to lower the standard to make Maddy feel good. I cared too much about her as a person.

Maddy became the athlete I know she could be. She trained with intention and purpose. She embraced the journey more than the results.

I will never lower the standard of excellence to make someone feel good. If I tell you played great, it's because you earned it. If I tell you that you suck, you earned it. I give you nothing for free; you get what you deserve from me.

It's that simple. It's the way life works.

Maddy is playing at Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, this next season. She is a joy to have to attend our practices and is a NU Breed family member.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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