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Lockdown: Our Daughters Are Paying The Price

NU Breed is here to help your daughter smile again! The psychological effects on our children is a growing concern. Young people find it hard to deal with the loss of routine, isolation, education disruption, and anxiety about the future.

People with no history of mental disorders are developing severe mental challenges due to lockdown isolation. Susanna Schrobdorff has a well-written article on Anxiety, Depression, And The Modern Adolescent in Time magazine. It is worth reading.

The lockdown was the nation's most massive physiological experiment, and we are paying the price. The World Health Organization collects undisputed evidence that the pandemic will have long-term consequences on young people's mental health.

The international reports of Health Behavior in School-aged children find that young girls are particularly at risk for varying factors.

We can act to reduce the effects of lockdown anxiety by involving our children in safe, social, active, and meaningful activities.

NU Breed provides a safe place for your daughter to regain some social normalcy. 

We provide physical activity essential to your daughter's physical and mental health. 

Our training offers meaningful challenges necessary for a sense of accomplishment. 

Contact us today, and let's build a healthier future for our daughters. 

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