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Lesson From My Parents, Hispanic Heritage Month

I love America!

She is not perfect, but she is the best country in the world. Why? Because she makes space for dreams and opportunities.

My father settled in America with a second-grade education and worked in the fields his entire life.

He did the swap meet too.

He repaired broken swamp coolers and sold them for a small profit. He worked seven days a week and until his story ended at 82 years of age.

He saw his eight children have careers and doing well in life. He saw his favorite son earn a Masters Degree at Berkeley. He purchased two small homes and had no debt when his hustle ended in this world.

Not knowing anything about bees, he started a small bee business using bees to pollinate small farmers' fruit trees. The large bees companies focussed their business on large farms. He saw an opportunity and took it. He then bought equipment to harvest the honey and sell it.

My father was generous and shared his home with people who came to America for a better life. He shared his food with others who were in need. When I asked him why he did that? He said, "because I know what it's like to be hungry."

America provided an opportunity for him to create his dream and held space for his potential.

Were times hard? Yes. But he never complained.

My mother is a saint, my Queen. She reared her children and kept us in clean clothes. With a large family and constant flow of uncles staying at the house, she cooked, cleaned, and washed clothes all day.

She never complained.

She was a woman of faith. Every morning she would pray for us. None of her children left her presence without hearing these words, "que Dios te gaurde." Translated, it means, "may God watch over you."

She made quilts and sold them at swap meets. She resold items for a small profit. She was an entrepreneur.

My mother was an orphan at a young age. She moved from relative to relative until an aunt gave her a permanent place.

Life was not easy for them, but they never complained. They saw an opportunity in every situation.

My parents made a great team.

America was a land of opportunity, and that's all they wanted.

This is Hispanic Heritage month, so I wanted to honor my parents for showing us that America is the and of opportunity. They taught us to dream and be willing to work hard to make that dream a reality.

God bless America, the land of opportunity.