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Knots, Strands, And Beautiful Baskets

Had he not made it to Florida, had he had gone home, had he not checked his messages, we may never have heard of Steve Harvey.

This video is Steve Harvey facing a watershed moment in his life. The video's content gives you insight into why NU Breed continues to hustle and grind to build the best volleyball club.

My faith teaches me that to believe in things that do not yet exist as if they do exist. Our imagination is a reflection of the Original Artist in us. Hustling our dreams help usher in the future we can only see in our minds. This capacity to build a future is what makes us uniquely humans.

As I write this article, the clock reads 6:51 AM. I've been hustling since 3:00 AM. I've cleaned, fed my dog, wrote checks for volleyball, did some prepping for today's podcast, and sprayed weeds in the back yard. I have a birthday party for my three-year-old niece and work on the field for volleyball. Its a full day, but I love the grind because these ordinary moments are the material that turns dreams into a reality. The Original Artist makes something beautiful out of them.

Let me explain. The birthplace of my Queen, my mother, is Venado, Mexico. They are First Nation people who are known for making beautiful baskets. They are handcrafted. But at first, they look like a random collection of knots and colored strands. But when they flip the basket over, a beautiful design appears.

2020 may look like messy knots and strands. But the Creator is making something beautiful in us.

The Original Artisan is doing this with NU Breed. The Original Artist weaves each ordinary moment into a work of art that displays His magnificent and unfathomable artistry. Quitting will never be an option for NU Breed.

I've often said, God has never failed me before, but He has scared me a few times.

Hear Steve Harvey tell his story and be encouraged.

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