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Join the Ranks of Elite Volleyball Players: Sign Up for NU BREED VOLLEYBALL Skill Assessment Tryouts

Get ready to spike, dive, and set yourself up for success, budding volleyball enthusiasts! We have an opportunity that you will want to take advantage of. NU BREED VOLLEYBALL-NORTH is thrilled to announce skill assessment tryouts this Sunday, November 19, 2023, at 7 pm at Reedley High School.

Are you a first-time participant? Perfect! We're eager to welcome you. Please pre-register so we can create your assessment profile and ensure a swift registration process. Your future as a volleyball stand-out begins here.

But that's not all! We have a special invitation if you are a high school-age athlete at Reedley High School. We have a spot for you on our NU BREED team. Your talent deserves to be recognized and developed.

Our esteemed Coach Maddy and the innovative NU BREED creative team can't wait to facilitate this event. They are burning with anticipation to witness, nurture, and refine your skills.

Get in touch with Coach Maddy at (559) 797-5045. Contact NU Breed directly at (562) 413-5695 or Take the first step towards your bright volleyball future by acting today and joining this movement. Hurry, the court awaits your prowess! There's no time like the present to elevate your game. See you there, athletes!

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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