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Life is a series of disruptions. We can rarely start a project without at least one interruption.

The history of humanity is full of stories of events that disrupted life. Disruptions are the fuel of innovations and give birth to heroes.

Spartacus, a Greek, brought down the mighty Roman empire with a motley crew of slaves. He spoke truth to power. The original American colonies freed themselves using similar tactics, and the United States was born.

The Ice Age carved out the Grand Canyon from solid rock. Mount St. Helen's volcanic eruption provided space for a new rich forest within a decade.

In 1347 the Black Death plague killed over 50 million people in Europe. Many historians also believe, so many deaths left a labor shortage that benefitted the lower class workers. The latter saw increased economic and social mobility.

Henderson William Brand, the Chef to England's King George IV, created the A-1 steak sauce. The king enjoyed the new sauce, he proclaimed it 'A number 1' - or 'A1' for short. It was introduced in America during the disruption of the Civil War.

More recently, streamlining video disrupted the entertainment business. Physical store video rentals disappeared.

After 244 years of circulation, Encyclopedia Britannica published its last volume in 2012. Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales introduced Wikipedia as a free online research tool.

Think of other inventions like Skype, Zoom, Uber, Google, and Telsa. All of these disrupted life patterns that made heroes from their creators.

Today, CIF announced a new fall sports schedule that is different from old patterns but invites us to a new adventure.

The COVID -19 virus has interrupted life as we know it. But like the disruptions before, it serves as a canvas for heroes to paint new realities.

So interruptions are essential. They make these tremendous innovations possible and introduce us to heroes.

You have to change your perspective and see interruptions as events that highlight what we need release, and what we want to focus on. Interruptions show us the way.

Learn to leverage disruptions to propel you into new adventures and to live the life you want. Be a hero of the new frontier that's waiting to be conquered.

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