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Dear NU Breed Athlete and Family,,

We have entered an unprecedented space in history with the COVID-19 challenge. We are taking proactive steps in alignment with USA Volleyball to suspend practices for the next fourteen days. We will continue to monitor this fluid situation and make any adjustments necessary in cooperation with USA Volleyball and partnering organizations.

NU Breed is committed to providing premier training for our athletes, so we kept busy exploring ways to connect and offer our athletes a way to continue to grow their volleyball skills. We promised to provide the best training we could, and we are excited to provide online training in partnership with the Forza1 Volleyball club.

Our life patterns are disrupted and have taken on a different shape and texture that provides an opportunity to change how we engage our day, our activities, and our passions.

There is a tremendous amount of research on learning theory and education, and one of the most exciting topics is mirror neuron learning. This means that we learn both by doing and by watching and then by watching and doing in combination! How many adults remember learning how to moonwalk by watching Michael Jackson and then practicing privately until we could moonwalk across the floor. For more information on this theory, read Learning by Watching: The role of Mirror Neurons in Sports online.

As long time coaches, we understand that players learn by watching a demonstration and then repeating what they’ve seen. Many industries use online presentations and mirroring to train their community. This is perhaps most common in the fitness industry.

Starting Monday, March 16th, NU BREED can access the online player training courses for all members. There will be available a catalog of programs that are varied and comprehensive. Forsa1 Under Armour Coaches will be leading the training sessions. It will be easy for players to tune-in for both the Scheduled Training Practices and Flex Time Training Sessions. This on-line training will replace all NU Breed indoor team training for the week of March 16-20. We practice 4 to 6 hours weekly, and through the online training is about 15 hours of training that all members have access to – what an excellent opportunity for all!

Below is a guideline and a schedule for the week of March 16-20 for all members. All players need to review and select the courses they want to schedule for themselves this week. We recommend 4 hours of training per week but encourage unlimited use of this incredible resource. Please note that schedule updates will be made as new courses are added. This will be done on the website!

All online training programs will be performed and provided on Facebook, Zoom, and YouTube. Each of these software allows us to provide live and recorded content, as well as share our screens and interact with users. Attendance and engagement are track to help produce material with increasing awareness.

To access the online training programs, members need to do the following:

NU Breed athletes, you will need to contact Coach Job to receive an access code.

1. Create/have a Facebook account

2. Visit and request to join these Private Facebook pages:

Forza1 Online Player Training Page Link: Breedonlineplayertraining/

Player Development and Contribution Page Link:

3. Sign up for a Free Zoom account


4. Be able to access YouTube

It is relatively simple! We are thankful its 2020 and that many of us are already familiar with these easy to use online platforms and there isn’t much more to do but begin!

To connect to the Forza1/NU BREED Online Training Programs at the scheduled time and flex times here are the instructions:

Facebook Live – login to FB, go to our private page and keep refreshing until the live video begins (it will appear on this page at the top of the feed at the scheduled time). We will start promptly on time, and if there are difficulties, we will post comments as difficulties may occur from time to time.

Facebook Pre-Recorded – Flex Sessions – login to FB, go to our private page, and look for the pre-recorded video by Coach/Topic/Day. Flex Sessions will be housed both within FB and also within YouTube Playlists, so you will sometimes see a link to a YouTube page.

Zoom sessions – Members will receive an email with a specific link and login details. 5 minutes before the scheduled session, log in to Zoom, and join the conference. Wait for the instructor to arrive and begin the class. Emails will be sent on Monday and before scheduled classes.

Note: we expect those that are unfamiliar with these online tools to improve over time, so don’t worry about being late to a class in our initial start. Just do your best and jump in. It will become second nature!

We are excited about providing this incredible program for our athletes. We know that this experience will add to our effectiveness as an organization and allow us to use technology to train players with increased success.

We know that we will get through this in however much time it takes. With daily focus and intention, we will elevate ourselves, our team and our performance in the game!

At NU Breed, our goal is to provide practice opportunities that will continue every player's development. I think we all see the reality of learning that will be different and complementary to the in-house training that we do. It will only benefit us if we take advantage of this opportunity. Our partnership with Forza1 is a commitment to get better at getting better. We will go Farthest by having done MORE to build the Champion within us. LET’S DO THIS!

Ongoing Player Development has unlimited potential, and we will be providing the very best of what’s available for NU Breed Members. Forza1 will make updates to the schedule; they have some inspiring things planned! We are all contributors to this movement and we are focused on building individuals and teams that can contribute strength, power and spirit to our volleyball community.

If you need assistance with setting up Facebook or Zoom quick online searches, yield quick tips. For personal assistance, contact Coach Job.

A better tomorrow starts with what we do today!

Coach Job NU Breed Volleyball Club