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In The Year 2023

NU Breed and an unnamed partner are making plans for the first-time-ever endeavor in 2023. Yes, you read the date correctly.

One question we ask ourselves is, "how do we innovate in the present to create the future?" The decisions we make today will be the club we build in the future.

In life, when things go well, we try to maintain—that's not NU Breed mentality. We want to make choices that give us a creative edge in the future, especially if the world changes again, which we suspect will change.

We are doing a ruthless evaluation of what we do that creates value for our athletes and families. This includes talking to people outside the club that give their opinion of what we currently do and want to create.

Yes, their honesty can be brutal, but they always posture us for success afterward. One gem I will share is this excellent statement, "don't focus on making money from NU Breed, rather focus on creating great training that solves a problem."

WOW! That was great advice.

We are NU Breed!

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