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Imagine A New Future

Imagine A New Future

Martin Luther King had a dream of which we live in today. The dream is in process. All of us are affected by his dream. Understand, if we don't have our dream, we will live someone else's.

As the year is still young, I want to make a bold statement. If we fail to teach our children to imagine and create, they will be unemployable. Economically speaking, technology is replacing jobs robots can do, and automation is replacing jobs humans can do.

Wisdom literature says, where there is no imagination, the people will be overwhelmed with a sense of powerlessness.

NU Breed recognizes that our athletes are designed to imagine which is the material by which we create. We understand this trend and are intentional about sparking their childlike wonder.

At NU Breed, our coaches will teach athletes the value of dreams. We teach about the courage and commitment to create a world they envision.

The court will be the experiential space in which the athletes will learn to awaken their creative essence.

Our better tomorrow begins today. I imagine humanity's best future is in the mind of a young athlete right now.

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