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I Survived An Explosion

I am lucky to be alive. I suffered short term blindness. I tried cooking, and I caused an explosion in the kitchen. My cat-like reflexes spared my life.

It started like any other day when I decided I wanted to make cookies. I collected all the ingredients on the kitchen counter at my Berkley apartment.

I preheated the oven as the recipe read. The flour, butter, eggs, and other dry ingredients went into the mixing bowl. I set the mixer on high speed and plowed it onto the bowl, and instantly there was an explosion of military-grade. Although blinded, I kept the mixer in the bowl because I'm no quitter. Stuff continued to fly in the air until I was inhaling dry ingredients. The air was filled with dry debris, as was I. I became the whitest mestizo alive.

I wanted to make cookies, but instead, I made a huge mess.

My intention was good, but I learned the importance of following a step by step method for making cookies. If you run ahead of the process, it can create a mess that's hard to clean up and delay your goal of making cookies.

At NU Breed Volleyball, we know that there is a process to teaching volleyball, so we don't cause a mess. It is tempting to want your athlete to do advanced skills, but that may delay their growth.

There are specific biomechanical movements that are essential to master before working on advanced activities.

There is an art to coaching that recognizes the value of a step by step process. To skip an action may cause a mess that will delay making your athlete's volleyball goals.

Nu Breed will follow the best steps for each athlete. Your athlete's growth is our purpose.

Yes, I'm one tough hombre; a lesser man would have been dead.

No, I'm no longer allowed to bake cookies for scratch for safety reasons.

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