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I Quit!

She would die a thousand deaths, and practice was no fun. Discouragement and anger were the dominant emotions that pressed her. She lost interest in the game she once loved.

How many can relate to the scenario above? Sadly, one is too many. No one wants this ending to their athlete's volleyball story.

Why does it happen? They attend each practice and physically push their limits. They go to extra training, and no lasting change happens.

It is not a lack of desire or effort but a lack of correct focus. The focus in the above scenario focuses on the outcome. Results are like concentrating on winning rather than the job at hand. This mindset is not helpful because we can not control winning and losing.

However, a process focussed mindset is helpful. It fosters a commitment to repeating individual actions that lead to excellence and better outcomes.

You focus on doing, which creates habits that lead to growth. Each attempt to learn a skill is a step toward improving.

It is easier to manage improvement when you focus on what you can control. The journey is essential, and it's as simple as do your job and embrace the process.

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