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Put Tape On It!

I lost a best friend, Candy Becerra, on June 7, 2020, at 5:05 AM. A flood of memories flooded my mind from elementary through high school and honored to be the best man at his wedding.

As much as I can recall, we sat next to each other since fifth grade and the high school classes we shared. The many hours and odd things we did, like not washing our wrestling shirts for extended periods. Somehow we thought that was funny.

You said they know when I enter the wrestling room, and whoever I wrestle needs to beat me quickly because I get stronger with time, meaning your smell.

The life lessons cannot be missed. You challenged me to live in such a way that people would know when I walked into a room. Be a person of character that gets stronger with time. More significantly, you taught me that real strength is having the power to hurt someone and then to choose not to destroy them.

"Put tape on it." I can still hear you say that about any injury. We laughed at the moments when a severe injury would happen, and you would say tape it up, and you'll be good as new." The wisdom of perspective. No matter what the injury, you gave others the quiet confidence that they would be alright in time.

Your heart was huge. The recent earthquake you text to make sure I was not injured. Despite being a pain, you reached out and asked if I had a table, I could get under if another quake brought the roof down.

I know time will heal the anguish, but it will never replace the loss. I know, I know, put tape on it.

Rest in power, Candy.

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