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I Didn'T Hestitate, I Called Back

I pulled the trigger, I didn't hesitate. I called back right away. An opportunity like this is worth breaking my schedule. We made the arrangements quickly, and we will tell everyone about the breaking news in detail soon. I have an important meeting tomorrow.

Today was a fantastic day of gigantic proportions. When I was sharing it with some friends, I was amazed at the words I was speaking. The excellent news has multiple parts to it, and we will tell our NU Breed family as they materialize.

Really! WOW! How? That's great! I heard these responses today. I agree with each one.

Making effective decisions quickly is usually tricky, but not when the risk of not doing is more significant than doing it. I didn't worry about failure, I'm going to do this even if I fail. It's well worth it.

As a creative, I love the feeling of living on the edge. Where decisions are magnified and have severe repercussions. To me, it is the difference between existing and feeling alive. Drinking in the beauty and wonder of each moment.

Those moments call to me. Live today! Take action! I dare you! And we all know I can't back down from a significant challenge.

See you at the top!

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