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Rehearse Talking Good Ideas

Three ways to build a positive mindset to help improve your life.

We want to help you build a positive mindset for a more powerful life. Take action on the ideas below to create a positive attitude.

Rehearse good news. Be intentional about finding the good in a day and talk about it. Train your eyes and mind to see all the good in your day.

My friend Steve Frazier made a wooden box with a slot on top. He would write down what he was grateful for daily and place them in that box. At the end of the month, he would read every note he put in the box. He told me that it was the highlight of his day to read the messages. It increased his optimism.

Look for the best in others. If you have a bad waiter, for example, leave a tip bigger than they deserve. This generous act tells them they are more than they know.

Use these steps to build a growth mindset and a positive outlook on life. A positive attitude expands your mind for solutions. A negative mind makes you feel like your options are few.


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