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Her VOICE, It Hurts To Be Good

Our mystery VOICE is Isabella Gulang, who learned that talent was not enough. That is, relying on talent alone would not help her reach her sports goals.

She learned to believe in herself, thinking that the life she wanted is possible with effort. Isabella began to take steps to build her skill. With great effort and patience, she developed the skills that led to success.

Her success was a series of small victories and failures. She began to reframe setbacks as learning opportunities. Sometimes what we want takes a little more effort.

Isabella's work ethic was as healthy as her mind. Her confidence grew as her skills improved. She knew the person that outworked her would beat her. Only she could control that.

Isabella learned that to be good, hurts. A t-shirt she gave me shows her attitude. It reads, "to grow; you must be willing to suffer."

Isabella tells her story in her VOICE. You, too, can write a volleyball story worth telling. NU Breed will help you, but it starts with YOU registering for TRYOUTS.

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