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Her Eyes Agreed With Me

Today's mystery VOICE has a compelling story, and people who work hard to become their best will relate to her. She would come to practice ready to work. There is nothing fancy about her, but she gets the job done. just a tough athlete.

She had a knee that was tender and bothered her, but she continued to train hard. One time I had to tell her she had to stop because I could see out of the corner of my eye, she would favor her knee. I told her she had to stop. She did not like it; she wanted to get better.

She wanted to continue to train and said, "Coach Job, you tell us, athletes play through pain." I responded, "Yes, that is true. Athletes have to play through the pain but not an injury. You're injured, learn the difference." Her body language argued, but her eyes agreed with me.

I could brag on this athlete for hours, but it's her story.

I'll let her tell her story in her VOICE.


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