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Hand Me A Hammer

2020 has been a workshop year for us to build something new. The year is not the problem, and the problems are not the problems.

We have found the problem, and the problem is us. For many, the year has been the worst ever. Well, or those not familiar with the Icelandic Volcanic eruption of 535 AD. It caused 18 months of darkness that left life unpleasant for people a century after the incident.

The arrival of Cristobal Columbus in 1492 and the genocide of Native People fight for a right to be called the worst year ever.

Natural disasters, terrorism, wildfires, pandemic, and a bad political environment make 2020 a tempting container to blame everything that makes us uncomfortable.

Two thousand twenty events are not the problem; we are. If we are the problem, then that is good news because it means we can do something about it.

Spoiler alert. New Years 2021 will not make all that makes us uncomfortable go away. Challenging events will continue to happen as they have since creation. Life is meant to teach us a lesson on maturity and growth. I'm confident life in 2021 will be a consistent teacher.

Blaming 2020  for all or problems won't change anything. But one smart decision by us will. That's exciting that we have the power to shape 2021 by our choices. 

Fear and blame are not the material that will allow us to build a better tomorrow. Faith, courage, and personal responsibility are.

All of us are related to people who have suffered and conquered significant challenges in the past. That's a legacy we will pass on to our children.

I was recently talking to a NU Breed parent and commented on how his business was taking off. This success is not supposed to happen in 2020, but it is.

Some of the more successful companies started after difficult years. These companies include Venmo, Square, WhatsApp, Uber, Groupon, and NU Breed Volleyball, to name a few.

Yes, NU Breed is growing in 2020 because of our NU Breed families. We doubled in growth in our second year of existence, and it appears you will double the number of teams again this year.

You are amazing! We began as a group of visionaries and dreamers, and that's in our DNA as a club. Our collective history is full of conquerors. We make choices that create the future we want for our children.

Events in life are neutral. We give them value. We can be part of the problem or part of the solution.

2020 can be a funeral home where we bury our future. Or it can be a workshop where we build something new.

2020 has brought life blueprint clarity. We know what we want. We can see what it looks like.

Hand me the hammer; let's keep building.