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God Is Not Fair

In the scriptures, there is a story of a father and two sons.

The older son works faithfully alongside his father. He does everything right.

The younger son asks for his inheritance and goes off to an unknown territory where he squanders his money and life. He messes up his life.

The younger son comes to his senses and sees that he has made a mess of his life. He plans to return home with a story to tell to regain space in the family.

The father sees him coming home and throws a big party for his son, who was lost but now found.

The older son becomes angry, annoyed and refuses to join the party.

The father asks him to join the party for his younger brother. He refuses and accuses his father of being unfair. He never had a party for him, and he never left.

The father retells the story of the older brother in one sentence. The father says, "you have always been with me; all of this was yours."

The father tells a different story about the older brother, who had everything the father enjoyed the entire time.

The following truth is scary. The father never set out to be fair. Grace isn't fair. People don't get what they deserve; they get love and party. This story tells us how it works in God's economy. Profound unfairness. God is unfair.

People who stumble in life never get what they deserve. They don't get a lecture; they get a party.

God is love. God is unfair. God's love never fails. Love wins.

Listen to this song that captures the essence of the unfairness of love and grace.

Love never fails.

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