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Go Ahead, Make My Day!

"Go ahead, make my day," those words spoken by Dirty Harry, played by Clint Eastwood. He was a hard nose edgy detective who did his job. Well, we are not Dirty Harry, but we are about to make your day.

Hi Everyone,

NU Breed and Pipeline will merge to provide excellence in training, communication, and club experience.

We plan to have the following teams, and we are confident that one of these play levels will be a good fit for your athlete.

Volleytots introduces young athletes to the fundamental skills of volleyball to children five to eight years of age. They learn multi-muscular movements relating to the volleyball. It is mixed with fun court activities to keep their interest.

They do not play any tournaments and practice two days a week for an hour. VolleyTots is one of our most popular programs.

Our 12U team is an entry-level team open to female athletes 10 -12 years old. They learn the core skills of volleyball and primary offensive and defensive movement. They will play in the AAU club season, which plays one-day events in gyms between Fresno and Bakersfield.

The 14U is an option for novice and athletes with nominal club experience. This team learns simple to more complex skills and court schemes. It is a good team that prepares them to have an edge on their high school sports teams. They also play in the AAU club season.

Our 16's team is more competitive but makes space for inexperienced athletes too. Athletes become acquainted with more complex movements and with a scientific approach to the sport. The 16's team play in the AAU club season also.

Athletes who have experienced playing on a club will enjoy playing on this 17U team. This team is competitive and learns complex defensive and offensive systems. The practices prepare the athletes to compete in the tough SCVA club season. We play some of the best teams in southern California. They also play in the Reno Junior National Tournament Qualifier, the Las Vegas Classic, and the JVA West Coast Cup Championships at Long Beach. The season and larger tournaments expose our athletes to college coaches who attend these events. This team has travel requirements.

The 18U is a favorite team and a perfect fit for athletes who enjoy stretching the edges of their competitiveness. This team plays in the SCVA season, along with the same tournaments our 17U's play. This team practices three times a week and is demanding physically and mentally. Collegiate coaches show up to watch this team play. Coaches also attend practices to observe work habits and skills.

Regardless of which team you choose, we will focus on player development over winning. We believe the game teaches the game. Therefore, we use a schema systems training theory, do practices, and drill game-like. We want to help athletes learn volleyball, not know a drill.

We want practices to be a good experience for our athletes and meet the value of your investment. So we do a lot in our practices. They are in constant fast-paced movement unless it is a skill that has a high injury risk.

Every athlete will learn each of the skills of the sport of volleyball. The game is such that they will have to perform or fill a role, not their preference. The more skills an athlete does well, the more they offer a team and increases playing opportunities.

Our culture is disciplined, team-first mentality. We promise practice time but not playtime. Playtime is earned in practice and decided by the coach.

Parents are allowed to attend practice but not coach or talk to their athletes during training. Siblings are not permitted to use or play with a volleyball during training. Parents must enforce this rule. The liability is too risky.

We want to make our exceptional training affordable. We can structure payments to fit your budget and remain confidential with our Administrator, Janá.

Also, we are a non-profit and can accept donations that may have some tax benefits for the donor. We are not tax law experts, so each donor must talk with their tax preparer.

We do have fundraising opportunities as an option for athletes to help with the cost. We are open to fundraising ideas but prefer those where all the proceeds go toward the athletes who hustle.

We coach athletes and teach volleyball. We shout praise and whisper correction.

We promise no one will work harder than us to add value to your athlete.

We are not perfect, but we work hard to do everything with integrity and excellence. We will work hard to make your day from day one.

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