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FREE 8-Week Sports Performance Program

Don't you wish you could get the edge for once on others in the sport you love? You are unsure what workouts to do, and you never know if you are doing the movements correctly? Do you hate feeling like you're wasting your time with your current exercises? You are confident that you would do the workouts if they were easy to access.

Well, NU Breed has an answer to your workout struggles.

Get an 8-week Sports Performance Training Program for FREE when you register for NU Breed Volleyball Tryouts on September 26.

OneEighty Athletics will allow us to provide this incredible resource for a limited number of athletes and time.

That's correct. You receive a Sports Performance Workout that easily sells for $149.00, for free. No equipment is necessary, just some space to train. Gain an enormous advantage by training while others are using the pandemic as an excuse to do nothing.

The workouts take about 35-40 minutes to complete. You get a step-by-step video tutorial for every exercise and drill, so there's no guessing.

You also receive a Nutritional plan to follow to make sure your training pays off. Good eating habits are essential when training.

We will send you a code to access the program digitally and a PDF file. You can download it to your device and train at your convenience.

We can only do this for a limited number of athletes for a short time. After that, OneEighty Athletes will shut down our access.

We are here to give you a competitive edge, but you must take action today to benefit. Register today and receive these gifts Jump Measurement ($50.00), 8-Week Sports Performance Training Program ($149.00), and a Nutritional Plan (priceless). The total value for these gifts is $199.00, and you can get them free for merely registering for Tryouts/Sign-ups.

We want to get these incredible resources to you, but we need you to register today.

Yes, I want my athlete to get a workout edge with the 8-week Sports Performance Program, the Jump Measurement, to track her progress and Nutrition plan.

○ Register now.

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