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Fortune Favors The Bold

Warren Buffet has made a fortune by living by this advice, "Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful." In other words, when you find yourself on the side of the majority, you want to change sides. The majority is seldom correct.

Therefore, NU Breed is looking to launch a new season with expansion in mind. We want to grow as this has many benefits to our athletes who want to pursue a collegiate career. College coaches are hungry to attend and connect with talent. It will be rewarding for those who wish to play competitively and test themselves too, but with no desire to play past their high school years.

A zoom meeting with collegiate coaches confirmed they are looking forward to finding talented athletes. The club closure has left a talent void. The coaches will be attending club tournaments to save money. It is cheaper to attend a major tournament and connect with several talented athletes than recruit at a high school level.

They expressed wanting to assess athletes' talents against the best competition. They believe that passionate players will be the ones who will choose to play club volleyball in the next few years.

It is simple they want to see talent play talent. The coaches want to recruit people passionate about volleyball, and they believe they will find them at club tournaments.

A coach viewed a video I posted about an athlete training during this COVID challenge, he said, "I want players who find a way to train during this pandemic. They love volleyball and find a way to get better."

Take Warren Buffets' advice, while others are shrinking back, you step up and fill a talent void. Now is the time to expand your life. Don't look back with regret and say, "If i had only kept going, I would be further along."

The Latin phrase fortis fortuna adiuvat, in English, reads, "fortune favors the bold." The interpretation is that the brave and bold are often better positioned to seize the moment of success. They train themselves at a young age to see opportunities that others do not understand.

It is time to seize the day! Sign-up with NU Breed Volleyball and let us help design your dreams.

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