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Former Olympian on Match point

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Match Point Podcast is excited to announce our conversation with Former Olympian Lindsey Berg. Our discussion will focus on her Cuore Project. Here is Lindsey in her own words.

I want girls to have idols, heroes, and role models. I want to send a strong message to these young girls to live life," Con Cuore."

-Founder, Lindsey Berg

Free giveaways while supplies last. The Cuore Project t-shirts, fabulous wrist bands, and copies of her book, A Short Setters Handbook. "Lindsey Berg splits her time between telling her story of perseverance and offering valuable instruction on how non-prototypical setters can thrive. Reading the pass, sizing up the block, bettering the ball, jump setting, footwork, hand technique, communicating with your teammates and coaches, blocking big when you're not big, delivering the right ball to the right hitter - it's all here and more. And it's relatable to players at every level. Yes, Berg reached the pinnacle. But along the way, she was overlooked and underappreciated, so she knows exactly how to advise young setters who weren't born with the preferred body type."

Listen to our conversation posted on our website. You will enjoy the content of our discussion.

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