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Flower or Seed?

Which picture got your attention first? Most people will look at the flower and be enamored by its beauty and fragrance and rightly so. However, within the time, the flower will begin to wilt and soon die. That the natural life cycle of a flower. Their beauty enjoyed for a specific period.

The seed on the hand is not flashy or glamorous or even maintains a savory smell. It doesn't call out our attention.

However, the potential of the seed is significant. Within its small frame contains the DNA for the flower that brings us great enjoyment. It makes possible those romantic and breathtaking moments.

I want to connect the dots for us about how many people get presented by "flowery" programs and promises of the month's flavor. They value the beauty of the flower that looks good and appeals to our eyes, but like the flower, their beauty has a short life span. The programs suffer from the effects of the natural life cycle.

NU Breed values the seed. We are not flashy or have a "flowery" appeal. No, we are like the seed. The outer wrapping isn't gaudy, but the potential and DNA of success are within the seeds of discipline, hard work, sacrifice, competitive excellence, and relentless effort.

Just like the seed is buried and has to fight its way through the soil to produce a beautiful flower, at NU Breed, we teach our athletes that they will grow best in the valley of struggle. It's in the valley of effort that we discover the strength of the seed. It's the seed that contains those breathtaking moments that you will see unleashed in the arena of competition.

At NU Breed, we value the seed over the flower. If you're looking for flowers, go to a flower shop if you're looking for the seeds of greatness, hit up NU Breed.

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