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Dying To Live

I am dying, and so are you. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed our mortality. Tomorrow is never promised, and it brings a sense of urgency about life. In this essay, I want to frame this conversation around the death-life idea. The death-and-life mystery is a pattern woven in the fabric of creation. It's part of the eco-system all across the earth. Think about our four seasons. Plants lay dormant, dead, and lifeless during winter months but burst forth with new life in the spring. A seed is buried in the ground before it can rise out of the dirt into a new life. It's in our food chain supply. A beast or plant is harvested from its life source and consumed to give life to another. Look at our bodies where millions of cells perish every second only to be replaced by millions more. Death is the engine of life. Think about the medical staff who sacrifice their lives fighting the COVID-19 virus. What about the men and women who give their lives in battle for our freedom? Who isn't inspired by their heroism? Our familiar life patterns have disintegrated overnight, which provides an opportunity to create new life routines. The death-life pattern a natural part of the human story. This circle of life is as natural as breathing and sleeping or feeling hungry. None of these fill us with fear. So when we talk about life and death with this virus episode, it's not a new idea, its as old as humanity. Once we accept this death and life design, we can begin to process our mortality healthily and create a better future. We let old habits die and establish new ones at all levels of our experience, academically, socially, employment, recreation, and family. A new future is born, and we redesign ourselves. The death-life pattern is not scary or to be avoided but embraced as part of the human story. Death is the deepest cry of the human soul wanting to live. Life follows death; that's the way life works.

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