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Drilling Holes in The Ship

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

A young woman booked passage on a pleasure cruise ship. She took a cabin on the lowest deck because those were the least expensive. After a few days, she locked herself in her room and ordered her meals delivered to her door. The waiter who brought the meal noticed that the passageway was damp, and as he approached the young woman’s door, he saw water pulsing out from under her door. He bent down to smell it, and to his horror, he discovered that it was seawater. In a panic, he banged on the young woman’s door, but there was no response. He ran to get the captain, and in a few minutes, the captain arrived with two crew members carrying axes. They broke down the door and found the young woman drilling holes in the side of the ship. “What are you doing?” screamed the captain. “Do you want to kill all of us? Do you want to sink this ship?”

“What are you talking about?” the young woman retorted. “This is my private cabin. I paid for it, and I have the right to do anything I want in it.” In our own lives, we are all living in cabins on the enormous cruise ship of life. We may sometimes think we are independent individuals, answering only to ourselves. But as the famous saying goes, we are indeed all connected. What we do in the dark will eventually come to light, good or bad. Stay Home. Practice self-discipline. Wash your hands, cochina! Practice social distancing. Quit drilling holes on the side of the ship or we face a ripple effect that can not be measured. See you all soon. #wearewinningtogether

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