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Disruption Brings Something Good

Our podcast conversation with Coach Brad Keller of USC has to be postponed due to some compliance issues. We wish it were different, but I appreciate the USC compliance team making sure we follow policy.

However, as with any event we wish were different, there is a bright side to it. Coach Brad and I are working on an event that will be as good or better than the podcast. It is something outstanding, in my opinion, better than the podcast. 

Please watch for details. I am excited to reveal our plan soon.

In the meantime, our March podcast will feature two local guests, Lindsay High School Athletic Director John Ceasar and Head Volleyball Coach Angel Leon.

Good leaders see what doesn't exist, and both of these men are excellent leaders.

We will discuss their efforts to have an adapted high school volleyball season and what they want to accomplish.

Good things always come from disrupted plans; you have to look for them.

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