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Dirty Mind Addiction

It is possible to be chemically addicted to negative thought patterns. Behavior Psychologists tell us that the human body becomes chemically addicted to a hormone produced by negative thoughts. It is an actual chemical addiction, not unlike drugs or cigarettes.

That is why some people become very negative in their language. The experts say that it develops early in life. For example, a person reared in a home with lots of stress becomes all they know about family life. It is cultural conditioning.

That person is unconsciously searching for things that cause stress, fear, or negative feelings. The body craves the hormone produced by negativity. A person who needs caffeine in the morning to function knows about this addiction.

We know what causes this addiction to negativity, how can we get rid of it? The solution is easy, but hard to do. First, you need to replace negative thinking with positive thoughts. This action needs to be intentional and requires a lot of self-awareness. It takes time to replace unhealthy chemical dependence with a new type of healthy addiction.

It is more than just a one-time act but must become a habit. Rob Dial, in the video below, does an excellent presenting this idea. It would be best if you practiced being aware of your negative thought patterns and immediately replaced them with a positive affirmation.

The sooner you do this, the easier it will be to build positive thought habits. For example, if you place a bowling ball on a 1000 foot tall hill and let it go, is it easier to stop it after rolling ten feet at the top of the mountain or would it be easier to stop the bowling ball at the bottom of the hill after it gained momentum? Of course, it would be easier at the top. It is the same with negative thoughts, stop them early before they gain momentum in our brain.

Do you struggle with dirty water in your brain? Do you want to clean water? Be aware of the harmful water in your thoughts, and immediately flush them clean with generous amounts of positive thoughts. You will be free of your dirty thought addiction.

One final suggestion, treat yourself like someone you care about. Recently, I was training a couple of athletes, and one of the athletes spoke encouraging words to her training partner. I like that. However, when she made a mistake, she talked bad to herself and made disappointing gestures. In our debrief time, I told the athlete, "you say things and treat yourself in a way that you would never treat another person. Treat yourself like someone you care about." The mom read a beautiful scripture from the bible. It was a fantastic night.

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