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Dilly, Dailies, And Paperwork

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Most of you read that as dilly-dally because our minds look for familiar patterns in life. Its actually "dilly-dailies." Dilly means essential, and dailies mean every day. They are critical in movie making, and they remind us of club paperwork too. Let me explain.

When you watch a movie, you see (duh) the final result of a lot of hard work.

Several elements create a movie: special effects, editing, background music, sound mixing, CGI enhancement, the use of color and lighting, and so on. These elements are all built on the raw material of the film's real essence: the actress's performance, captured on camera.

During production, each day's work is quickly developed, synced to sound, and delivered to the director the following day. These are called "dailies." She watches them, usually with the film crew, so that they can evaluate each day's footage, ensuring that there were no technical problems, and ensuring that the director is satisfied with the scene, and so on.

Dailies are pretty unimpressive by themselves. There are no special effects; the color is elementary, there's no background music, no sound enhancement, just the actors giving their lines and playing their part.

But it is the dailies that make or break a film. You can spend a lot of money in post-production on special effects and studio tricks and great music, but if the dailies aren't good, neither will the film be good.

You can look at the club season in the same way.

There is a Big Picture, a story your athlete wants to tell. You want it all to add up to something meaningful, so that when the season is over, you can look at everything you've done and say, "Wow. What a club season."

But a great season can't happen without the dailies. Paperwork is like dallies. Without them, you can't create a great volleyball season.

Please complete all your paperwork, "dailies," to help your athlete write a great volleyball story.

Here is the information you will need to register for the 20/21 club volleyball season. We play with various organizations, and they require different forms and registration processes.

To help make registration user friendly, we labeled the forms by team level. Please review them to complete the correct documents.

VolletTots will complete the following forms.

  1. Athlete Profile Form

  2. Medical release form

  3. Commitment Letter

  4. NU Breed Registration-Link Provided

  5. Payment Agreement (see administrator)

  6. McDermont X Membership Form and picture ID

12U, 14U, and 16U

  1. Athlete profile form.

  2. Medical release form

  3. Commitment Letter (Not yet available)

  4. NU Breed Registration-Link Provided

  5. Payment Agreement (see administrator)

  6. AAU Registration Forms -NEW

  7. McDermont X (form and picture at the front desk)*

17U and 18U

  1. Athlete profile form.

  2. Medical release form

  3. Commitment Letter-do not sign until 9/22/2020

  4. Payment Agreement (see administrator)

  5. USA Volleyball - Link provided

  6. SCVA Registration - Link provided

  7. NU Breed Registration - Link Provided

  8. McDermont X (form and picture at the front desk)*

For Tryouts, signing up does not commit you to play for NU Breed Pipeline, but USA Volleyball now requires every athlete to register with them before each Tryout.

SCVA requires their Tryout registration fees to be paid directly to them too. The NU Breed /Pipeline Tryouts fees are paid online on our website under events.

*As part of the Club fees, each athlete receives a McDermont Membership during the season. It must be shown upon entering the facilities, or you may have to pay an entrance fee. McDermont X enforces this rule.

The gym is available for use for athletes thirteen years old with supervision by our trainer.

Thank you for your understanding and for doing the dilly-dailies of registration.

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