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NU Breed wants to help athletes design their life for success. I want to share some ingredients that will help people succeed in life. Here are some simple helps you can do today to move the needle of success in your life.

Discipline is essential to get what you want. To be an artist like Picasso, you must have his discipline. To be an athlete like Kobe Bryant, you must have his work ethic.

Discipline is taking action whether you feel like training or not. You take action. Here are some helps for you to take action.

First, focus on the opportunity instead of the obligation in front of you. Think of "why" you are doing what you are doing. Your "why" must make you cry.

Pete trained to strengthen his torn ACL sp he could play football and go o college on a scholarship. He would earn a degree and get a job so his mom would never be homeless or go to sleep hungry again.

Every time it gets hard, he thinks about "why" he is doing what he's doing. He thinks about how the lives of his parents will change if he gets his college degree. He also thinks about how his life will change.

Pete thinks about the opportunity and not the grind.

Master the small things. As one writer said, don't despise the days of small beginnings.” Choose to be consistent in the small things of your sport regardless of how you feel.

Design your living room that empowers your goal. Danny and Adam Cuesta had no furniture in their apartment, but they had a gym. They slept on a pad on the floor, so it was never too comfortable to stay in bed.

What do you need to do to design your life context to make you successful at what you do?

Next, move your body, and your feelings will change. Your body will respond to whatever you make it do. Is it not uncommon to feel better at the end of a workout than at the beginning? That is because when you make your body move, it produces endorphins that cause you to feel good.

Dont negociate with yourslef. Set a timer and go when it rings. You are the best salesperson. You will buy all the crap you sell yourself.

Set a countdown and go is the next step to creating the life you want to create.

Lastly, have an accountability partner. Look for someone on a similar path and elevate each other's lives by holding each other accountable.

These steps are helpful to you if you take action. They can help make you better.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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