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Delicious Wind Of Change

How many of us have eaten a delicious meal at a restaurant, and the service was excellent? What do we first? We tell someone about a great experience. Why do we do that?

We do it so naturally because it made us feel good, and we want others to enjoy it. As people, we like to share the good news.

If NU Breed has been a positive experience, please tell someone about it and invite them to be your guest at a practice. Please give them a taste.

I know you can do it because, after the COVID-19 episode, we can potentially double our impact on people. Growing wasn't supposed to happen, but we are. Please help us fill a few spots remaining on some of our teams.

Let's make a good thing better. I enjoy the family feel of sitting on the back porch and watching and hearing the winds of change on the court.

Starting today, we will credit $50.00 to your account when you refer a friend, and they join NU Breed as a way of saying, "thank you."

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