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David Versus Goliath

We are going to Las Vegas! Opportunities abound this year in all areas of life. Life is about interpretation, and how you interpret events shapes your life.

We have a team of players committed to play in the Las Vegas Classic, and I am thankful. The team assembled may lack the experience, but one thing they don't lack is heart!

At times it will be David versus Goliath, but David won. David was the underdog. David's actions changed the manner of warfare never seen before this time. It was this crisis that changed everything about war.

Up until that time, wars were fought in close combat. You stood in front of each other until one warrior killed the other. The biblical writers tell us that Goliath called out David to fight him as was the battle tradition. David instead brings a slingshot and stones with which he uses to bring down the giant Goliath. David was an expert marksman with the sling.

David defeats the giant using new warfare tactics. David changed warfare forever because of a crisis.

I interpret a crisis as the point where things begin to change. It helps me see the opportunity to do things differently—a space to test my skills and resilience.

We are going to Las Vegas, and it will be a great experience. We will learn to fight together, and every point will be a win.

David fighting Goliath teaches us that the underdog always has a chance to win. Use the skills you have and apply different tactics.

It's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. How much fight is in you?

Underdogs who win are the stories people read. These are the stories people like to read and retell. People who raise their hand when the odds are against them are the material of heroes.

A few years ago, a parent was hesitant about sending his daughter to play at the Junior National Qualifier at Reno, NV. He said, "we were too much of the underdogs." My response was, "its your choice to send your daughter or not but I'm going to Reno." That team won the Championship in the silver bracket.

His daughter is on a D1 scholarship.

Will we repeat that success? I don't know. But I know that if we play it safe and avoid uncertainty, you limit the space for miracles.

I will never surrender. Never quit. I will live in a space where miracles can happen.

See you in Las Vegas.

We do not have the schedule for our teams for this newsletter, but we will provide it promptly once available.

NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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