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Déjà vu, Again

Many years ago, I was on a mission trip to Germany. We performed a thought-provoking street drama on university campuses in Hamburg, Germany. The narrator repeated the words "essen, schlafen, arbeiten."

Translated means to eat, sleep, and work." Actors would make matching movements. As the scene moved forward, the narrator spoke the words faster and faster until it reached a frantic pace. The actors' actions match the delivery until it looked silly, and then the narrator shouted, "sterben," or "die!" The actors would fall to the ground, exhausted and mimicking death.

The narrator would ask the question, "Is this all life is?"

German Philosopher, Fredrich Nietzche tells a story in his work, The Gay Science, in which a devil comes down to earth and cast a spell on you. He tells you that you must live this day for eternity. The point is, would you be happy to live this day over and over, or would you be angry at having to live this day repeatedly?

This thought experiment presses us to give value to our actions. Is the life you are currently living merely existing or intentional living?

He concludes that if you praise the devil, then you are making the most of life. However, if you curse the devil, you are wasting life by not living the life you want.

A better tomorrow begins today. Reflect on your schedule for the next day and ask yourself, "Is this a day I would want to repeat forever?" Your time is your life – it is incredibly valuable. Treat it as such.

Its déjà vu all over again.

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