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Creating A New Normal

I often hear I can't wait for things to get back to normal not only in life but also in volleyball. I have some bad news. It will never return to pre-2020 experiences.

The 2020-21 club season is an experiment. As club directors, we are figuring out how to do club practices without a building. How to sponsor volleyball tournaments without being closed down by authorities is a challenge.

Everything is fluid and filled with uncertainty.

As club directors, we know our club success is connected with our collective success. We must work to make each other successful.

The reason NU Breed plays in the Fresno Heat tournaments when we are SCVA is to give our athletes playtime indoors but to help make the game a success.

We want to keep competitive volleyball local for our athletes to gain experience and keep travel costs low.

We appreciate all the parents being flexible and supportive of doing what we can to keep volleyball in our area.

We are rearing a new normal.

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