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Cows, Bison, And Storms

Storms are a part of life. Are you a cow or a bison in the storms of life?

Challenges and problems are part of the design of life on this planet. Each problem has an assignment in your life to help you grow, learn or change for the better.

Storms aren't happening to you but for you. They help move the needle of your maturity in a growth direction. We need to embrace them and grow and not resist and stay at our current level of consciousness.

Learn from the cow and bison. The cow senses a storm coming and runs away from the storm. The storms eventually caught up to the cow and devastated it anyway.

The bison, on the other hand, runs toward the storm and faces it head-on. It quickly goes through the storm.

We need to be the same way and run to and face storms of life head-on. Learn the lesson that makes us strong and more mature.

When you are about to face a storm, ask some helpful questions. First, frame the storm, so it serves you. Say, "ok storm, you are here on an assignemnt to help me grow, let go forward."

Be intentional about your growth by asking yourself these questions. What opportunities hidden in this storm? Second, what actions do I need to make to improve the storm? Last, what did I learn about myself?

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