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COVID Club Season Update 12/8/20

Here is an email from Brian Brokenbough from SCVA stating their commitment to continue hosting volleyball tournaments. It is written before the lockdown and focuses on the 14's match, but it intends to continue our club season. We are sharing the email to keep you informed.


We are listening to your concerns and do need your help with this as directors. With the current situation that we are in, we are requesting all clubs to limit the spectators per team to a maximum of six (6) spectators.

The reasoning for the six is because the 14's and younger do not drive. We can only do this if you actively participate and lead your club.

We are requesting this since we cannot tell the facilities to limit the number of people they will allow in their facility. If we all work together, we can lower the footprint of how many people are physically in the facility. 

I understand that this may cause problems with some parents; I get it, want to see their kids play, but need to play in a safe environment. We are not asking that all parents not show up; we ask that you limit to six inside each facility while their teams are playing.

They could switch parents between matches if need be. You could also have one parent stream the match for those who will not be in the facility via Facebook live, zoom, or any other service type.

I know that we have a couple of facilities that allow fewer spectators, and we want to thank them for the use of their facilities and guidelines. We will continue to honor those guidelines graciously.

Suppose you could remind your players and coaches that pulling their face covering down to communicate is probably not the best thing. Have the player/coach leave the face-covering on or pull it slightly forward would be more appropriate.

I genuinely believe that if we all work together with this, it will be a much better experience for the kids, coaches, and a better state of mind for the parents.

Brian Brokenbough

Girl's Jr Program Director

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