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Conflict Of Identity

We want to talk about a NU Breed distinction in this blog. This distinction separates us from other clubs. Every club does it differently, and that's okay, but this is the Way of NU Breed.

As NU Breed coaches, we know the value of what is in its infancy in an athlete. Many times we see potential in an athlete before they do. When we train, we are speaking to that which is hidden in the athlete their future self.

Our words and actions press the athlete forward by design. We refuse to leave an athlete in their infancy because that would be cruel.

NU Breed is not harsh, but the journey to reach one's potential is harsh. There is a difference.

That space between who they are now and who they are in the future causes a conflict of identity. This conflict is when people wrestle with quitting or pressing onward.

What will keep an athlete moving the needle toward their future self?

When they see the value in their future self that who they are today. This identity crisis is in athletes is where NU Breed coaches work best.

We teach them to let go of everything they are comfortable with to become who they were purposed to be. There is an exchange of value. We connect the dots of life; everything is an exchange of value.

You work for an exchange of your skill value. You train with NU Breed for the exchange of value.

At NU Breed, we will work hard to make sure you are not short-changed.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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