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Comfort Is A Cage

We live in a culture that has redesigned for maximum comfort. The Cruise control feature on your vehicle takes the battle of having to press the gas pedal down one inch. You need to find a location; the Global Position System will guide you. Are you bored? No problem, your vehicle is equipped with video entertainment.

The room temperature is controlled by an app on our mobile device to ensure its perfect when we arrive home. Do you need to find the GPS that will speak the directions to you? Our portable device organizes our entire life.

There are many more examples, but the list above is enough. We are a society that no longer moves, sips lattes, and types in comments about the exploitation of child workers on the very phone they built.

Our culture's design is to remove anything that fails to cater to our mental, emotional, and physical comfort. We have a right to be happy, and anything else is unhealthy.

In other words, our culture is meant to keep us soft, afraid, and weak and complacent. Its a cage of comfort.

How do we win in a cage of comfort? First, acknowledge that you are soft. You have a low resiliency capacity, and you need to change.

Next, boost your resiliency through a process known as the Hormetic Effect. This technique is a typical training practice for Secret Service and Special Forces. NU Breed utilizes this technique in its training to help athletes become resilient and develop Mental Mastery.

What is the Hormetic Effect? It's putting the body and mind through incremental doses fo stress to strengthen their responses. It is similar to the theory of how vaccines work. They introduce low-doses of a virus into the body. Then your immune system grows antibodies to fight off illnesses. In weight training, the body repairs micro-tears, which makes the muscle stronger.

NU Breed designs its training on the Hormesis concept. We incrementally expose athletes to stress until they can play volleyball with consistency.

If you are tired of failing during critical moments of a volleyball match, then NU Breed training is the answer.

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